AI based Omnichannel Platform


In the midst of a digital revolution in India, there has been significant increase in the number of users opting for online banking. Wide scale adoption of digital economy and increase in consumer awareness are some of the factors driving the growth in digital transactions.
To keep up the pace with the digital age, InfrasoftTech offers innovative solutions and insights centred around the needs and aspirations of users.

Client Background:

A leading government-owned bank needed a solution that could provide mobility, new-age banking solution and one-stop access to the banking services to its digital-savvy customer base. The aim was to provide enhanced customer-oriented service and meet the high security standards along with real-time personalized insights on spending pattern

Current Scenario:

  • Too many apps to monitor and manage
  • High-cost in maintaining multiple platforms

The Solution:

InfrasoftTech’s team worked collaboratively with the client’s team to deliver a mobile app which offers a user-centred design experience and leverages the innovative technologies such as AI, Big Data analytics etc. to offer real-time insights and personalized offers. The platform was designed to perform a wide range of banking operations by integrating features such as Mobile Banking, Mobile Wallet, Mpassbook & Selfie Banking, Credit Card Management, UPI BHIM, Bharat QR Code, Debit Card Management, and Rewards & Corporate Customer.

The new-gen application developed by InfrasoftTech offers the following key-features:

  • Multilingual and Multichannel: The single unified platform app is the latest trend in Mobile Banking to provide a seamless experience to the banking customers. The application supports multi-platforms such as Android, iOS and is also enabled with multi-lingual features to support regional languages. At present the platform supports English & Hindi along with 8 regional languages i.e. Gujarati, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Telugu, Oriya and Bengali
  • Secured Log-in: The app is enabled with multi-factor authentication security, a combination of MPIN, OTP, Biometric, Face Recognition or Password to provide multiple ways of login
  • Alerts & Notifications: The application provides the flexibility to perform product-based registration, has inbuilt capability to suggest the relevant products to customer basis their transaction history
  • Multi-featured: The new-generation app has user friendly UI and navigations along with all the latest banking features like multiple modes of user registration, self-service features such as selfie banking & ATM, Branch & IFSC locator etc. The application provides fund payment transfer modes i.e. Intra-bank Transfers, IMPS, NEFT, RTGS, UPI, Pay to Contact and e-Cash Remittance
  • Utility Bill Payments & Manager: Using the mobile app, customers can use Bill Payments & Recharge features to pay their utility bills and with expense manager feature, they can analyse their bill payments and spending patterns
  • Account Management: The customers can manage all the accounts like Savings, Current, Overdraft, Loans, Investments & Deposits and Card Management services from the app
  • Intelligent Chatbot Support: The app is enabled with an AI Chatbot to provide interactive communication and provides facility to raise various service requests and complaints in real-time
  • Enhanced Admin Portal: The application is backed by the safe and secure “Admin Portal” with various administrative features such as User Management, Role Management and Offer Management, Service and Complaint Management, Device Management and Remote Wipe-out
  • Powered with New-Age Technologies: The next-generation app is enabled with advanced technologies such as Near Field Communication (NFC), QR code, Contactless payments enabling customers an easy, fast and convenient way to pay for goods and services
  • For easy accessibility to visually impaired customers, the mobile application is embedded with Screen Readers.

The Result:

The application was successfully developed and delivered to the bank and is available on the App store and Google Play. Rather than managing multiple applications to access banking services, a user can now manage one app and access multiple services in real-time. With the new-gen application, the bank is personalizing the relationship of the consumer, giving them more control over their money and allowing them to enjoy:

  • Enhanced user experience & engagement
  • 24X7 availability
  • Omnichannel experience with multilingual and multichannel features
  • AI-chatbot service