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Rapidly evolving customer preferences driven by advancing technology and increasing digitalisation has been at the centre of the digital transformation wave sweeping across the financial landscape. Coupled with the fast-changing international and national regulations, these factors are driving financial institutions to reinvent their operations and processes to stay relevant. Integration and adoption of fintech solutions across the board offer a flexible, cost-effective, and efficient way financial institutions (FIs) can break down siloes and integrate processes to deliver enhanced customer experiences while improving their performance and profitability.

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InfrasoftTech is a leading global fintech solutions provider with an extensive portfolio of innovative financial software that caters to the varying needs of FIs around the world. Powered by advanced technological synergies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Robot Process Automation (RPA), and analytics, InfrasoftTech’s solutions simplify, streamline, and optimise business operations across the value chain to boost compliance management, customer experiences, and process efficiencies. InfrasoftTech’s intelligent suite of financial software is assisting FIs in accelerating their digital transformation journey.

InfrasoftTech’s range of solutions includes three main product lines:

Kiya.ai – AI-powered Omnichannel and Open Banking Solutions

Kiya.ai offers a host of digital and omnichannel banking solutions that enable banks and other NBFCs to deliver consistently superior experiences across multiple customer touchpoints. The product line includes open banking, conversational UI, digital onboarding, mobile & internet banking, payments, and Kiosk banking solutions.

Univius – Universal Regtech Solutions

The Univius product line packs a range of Regtech solutions that have been developed to enable FIs to meet the evolving regulations with ease and efficiency. Univius Regtech includes Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance management, Anti-Fraud Management, FATCA/CRS Reporting, Beneficial Ownership Reporting, Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), DAC6, and other solutions that help FIs streamline reporting, manage risk, and meet the changing national and international compliances.

Finairo – Core Banking Solutions

Finairo Core Banking Solutions include robust, secure, and lean central systems that enable FIs to consolidate and centralise business operations for enhanced service delivery, increased operational efficiencies, and streamlined operations. The Finairo product line empowers FIs to gain the agility to adapt to the changing financial landscape and roll out nuanced, customer-centric services and solutions at accelerated speeds. Finairo consists of core banking, lending management, microfinance, and Islamic Banking solutions.

Other than the three major product lines, InfrasoftTech provides customised, market-ready fintech services powered by futuristic technology such as Augmented Reality (AR), the Internet of Things (IoT), immersive UI, and Big Data Analytics.

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