Simplifying Credit Report Generation and Submission

The Central Credit Register is a national credit register that collates borrower’s personal and credit information from financial institutions to create single borrower credit profile to aid in making responsible lending decisions, banking supervision and financial stability in the country.

Universal Regtech Solution’s Central Credit Register is built to enable financial institutions transmit detailed lending data to the national credit registry through streamlined data aggregation, real-time business validations and automated reporting mechanism. Reducing time, cost and effort required to manage, verify and submit credit agreements and applications to the Central Credit Registe

Key Attributes

Prescribed Loan Formats

Flexible Reporting Configuration

Footprint Management

Rigorous Business Validations

Data Quality Control

Automated Data Exchange

Ad-hoc Report Analytics

Value Delivered

Centralized Reporting Framework

Single solution to report prescribed credit information on consumer & non-consumer loans

Robust Internal Control

Real-time business validations to ensure high-quality data & accurate reporting

Granular Credit Data

Reporting loan-by-loan and borrower-by-borrower credit information to the Register

Concentration /Credit Risk Analysis

To detect vulnerabilities and make responsible lending decisions

Automated Data Extraction

Process-ready templates to meet technical submission requirements

Micro & Macro Prudential Supervision

Transmitting high-quality credit information to promote healthy credit culture

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Key Attributes