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Quality Certifications

Quality Certification

At, quality has been a strong resolution and a binding culture since its inception. We take pride in having invested senior management time in building our own project management processes handbook named Kiyazen way back in 1999. Thereafter, the company invested in benchmarking itself to global standards in quality certifications and opened its processes for continuous review & improvement. The objective of quality systems at is to deliver value which the client expects from us and transparently deliver our Software Services & Products. Hence, we aptly named our quality process Kiyazen. Since then, has attained global certifications such as CMMI Level 5 v2.0, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013.

Six Principles of Kiyazen

Constantly monitor Customer needs

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Iterative and Collaborative Delivery

Measure and Monitor Project performance

Proactively manage Project Risks

Empower and Involve the team

Our Quality policy

“We will adopt a formal Software Engineering approach that continuously improves our ability to meet Customer expectation, build team members skills, operate with higher efficiency and comply with requirements of the quality management system.”