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Contact Management

AI-powered solution to deliver enhanced customer experience

With increasing competition and FinTech organisations devouring on bank’s customers, there is a growing need from financial institutions to leverage technology to streamline their customer acquisition process. Contact Management Solution enables banks and financial institutions to conduct effective campaign management, reporting management and call management to accelerate their sales engine and drive the growth of business operations. Contact Management Solutions optimizes customer experience using real-time information based on past interactions and increases revenue by suggesting personalized offers. Enabled with AI and RPA technology, the contact management solution offers a unified interface for multiple users and entities to access a complete history of interactions with each customer and run campaigns for sales and promotional purposes. The solution is also equipped with NLP algorithms that allow to adapt to customers’ language preference regionally, domestically as well as internationally.

Key Attributes

Multi-functional contact management system

Seamless integration with legacy systems of banks

Equipped with multi-lingual capability

Robust lead management system

Robust Authentication & Validation

Complaint with Changing Regulations



Quick Go-To-Market time for the sales department

Continuous Satisfaction

Deliver personalised service interactions satisfying demanding consumers

Real-time Engagement

Engaging consumer experience with a low rate of follow-ups


Consistent experience across all channels including web and mobile

Cognitive Automation

Intelligent call management

Valuable Insights

Real-time call analysis & reporting to respond to your customers' issues/queries proactively

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