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Tablet Banking Solution

Offering banking services at customers' doorstep

Mobility has transformed the banking landscape globally by paving ways to verticals and services that are automated, quick and eliminates friction points. Tab Banking revolutionizes the cumbersome traditional banking to serve services on the go to today’s tech savvy customers. Tab Banking Solution is developed on a robust framework to provide personalized end-to-end banking directly to customers. The solutions offers wide range of services thereby allowing banks to reach larger audience base, and render services in a highly secured manner. Our solutions offers adapters to enable integration with bank’s core banking systems, CRM systems, document management, LOS, SMS Gateway, bill payment aggregator & payment gateway. Tab Banking solution enables bank’s field agent to onboard customers, address their needs and initiate KYC verification on the fly.

Key Attributes

On-the-go dynamic lead management capabilities

Real-time KYC and customer onbaording

Efficient and automatic operations

Robust authentication & validation

Easy to integrate

Comprehensive customer insights


Better Customer Retention

Improved customer retention with on the go onbaording and verification.

Increased Transparency

Simplified mamanegemnt of multiple banking process with enhanced transparency & reduced turnaround time.

Robust Security

Enabled with multi-factor authentication via biometrics and facial recognition.

Regulatory Compliant

Complaint with regulatory requirements for customer onbaording and KYC verification

Swift Workflow

Quick real-time onbaording processes and seamless customer communication.

Deep Customer Insights

Real-time status tracking and generation of MIS reports.

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