Want to elevate your customer experiences, drive operational efficiencies, and manage constantly changing local and global regulatory requirements with increases agility?

eCO empowers to seamlessly orchestrate all your global office processes for complex multi-product and multi-jurisdictional customer onboarding and customer lifecycle management. It enables to automate all the Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations ensuring regulatory compliance and providing a single view of customer data throughout the Customer Lifecycle from onboarding to off-boarding. eCO Digital Onboarding Solution will you cater to the ever-changing & growing demands of today customers while driving competitive advantages.


Components of Client Journey

Key Capabilities

Quick Onboarding

Reduce onboarding time from days to minutes with the automation of end-to-end processes, simplified customer journeys, accurate digital KYC checks thus optimising operational efficiency. Start onboarding in 5 min or less.

Multi-jurisdictional & Multi-product Onboarding

Drive complex multi-jurisdictional, multi-product onboarding for new and existing clients with a fully extensible data model and a holistic view of the customer thus ensure compliance with complex regulatory requirements while speeding time to revenue.

Digital KYC & ID

Online identity authentication and digital document submission eliminates functional silos for accelerated onboarding process.

Seamless Integration

Connected Internal & External data sources enables active monitoring, maintenance and management of client and counterparty data.

Modular Design

Built with our best-in-class omnichannel platform Kiya.ai, the modular design enables faster response to regulatory changes.

Rapid Product Origination

Flexible configurations with various product journeys based on client risk rating drives new revenue streams.

Smart Regtech Engine

Pre-configured workflows drive periodic and event-based AML, KYC and CDD checks to ensure enhanced due diligence with accurate customer risk profiling.

Transparent Off-boarding Process

Leveraging digital ledger capabilities ensures highest security standards for data privacy whilst facilitating smooth offboarding process.

Future-proof compliance

Automated credit, legal and compliance checks ensure compliance to existing regulations along with future-proof environment to comply with evolving regulations.

Customer Management

Intelligent customer lifecycle management solution helps in developing relevant marketing strategies to engage customer effectively.

Video KYC/ Assisted KYC

Eliminate identity fraud using online verification with KYC expert's live assistance for your customers. Fast onboarding with human verification specialist resolving KYC/AML compliance issues.

Risk Screening & KYC

Fully integrated with our RegTech solution, the solution manages compliance globally with a dynamic regulatory rules engine, global master view clients, intent led-processes, and pre-configured best-practice KYC rules that cover AML, FATCA CRS, among others.

Re-validation of KYC

Automate revalidation of KYC/ periodic KYC across all the customers based on set triggers to meet the regulation requirement. Evaluate the impact of policy changes in real-time while applying a risk-based approach to customer due diligence.

Dynamic Customer Journey

Define new customer journeys for new jurisdiction product. Also, onboarding is a continuous process. Any change in a customer's circumstances is managed by amending the defined complex business structure and existing jurisdictions.

Advantages with eCO Digital Customer Onboarding Solution

Enhanced User Experience

Enhanced digital experience with omnichannel onboarding, greater flexibility, thus better customer engagement and reduced customer abandonment

Reduced Customer Acquisition costs

Save time & money and minimize digitisation risks with faster onboarding and increase productivity

Global Single KYC

Ability to maintain single customer KYC rule with near real-time verification and instant application monitoring and approval logic across multiple jurisdictions.

Reduced Customer Lead Time

Better customer engagement with faster interactions of high value, emotionally engaged, thus enables faster decision process

Compliant by Design

Supports complex business structures to minimize disruption to your ongoing business operations. Manage the complexity of the regulatory landscape and to incorporate the compliance perspective into the design of the customer journey across jurisdictions.

Strategic Client Engagement

Intelligent client lifecycle management solution to help in developing relevant marketing strategies to engage clients effectively. Opportunities to upsell & cross-sell by promoting compelling offerings.

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