Kiya.ai’s “KiyaVerse” platform will empower banks with their own metaverse that provides a highly personalised experience to their customers. The enhanced UX harnessed in the KiyaVerse revolutionizes data visualisation and gamification of the bank’s processes and procedures.

It enables customers to use their personalised avatars at digital banking units, mobiles, laptops, gaming desktops, VR headsets and Mixed reality environment. KiyaVerse provides a cross-functional multi-experience across mobiles, desktops, mixed reality, and virtual reality throughout the customer’s journey with the bank.

Key potentials to unlock with KiyaVerse:

A personalised experience to customers, partners, and employees through your own metaverse.

An omnichannel experience where customers can access their banking needs by creating and using their personalised avatars at digital banking units, mobiles, regular laptops, gaming desktops, VR Headsets, and Mixed reality environment.

Enhanced Data Visualisation and Gamification of the bank’s processes and procedures with enhanced UX.

A marketplace that can enable the business of trade finance and credit on the metaverse.

A product roadmap that includes interoperability with other metaverses to enable open finance in the metaverse.


Avatar creation & Customisation

Product information & portfolio Analysis

Ai-based digital twins for Business interactions

Gesture based navigation

New customer onboarding & ReKYC

Personalized VR/MR environment For customers

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