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Immersive UI

Create a lasting impression with altered reality experience


With increasing number of millennials and tech savvy customers, banks are looking at creative digital platforms to provide personalized experience to the customers. It is crucial for them to be out of the box and make a lasting impression and thus are tapping Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a method of enhancing and improving one’s view of the real world by transforming the physical environment with computer-generated sensory inputs such as graphics, sound, video or GPS data.

Mobiles/Tablets are being used for 3D content display of whatever point or location a user points it towards in real time. Augmented Reality Solution is thus a new way of interacting with dynamic media content. Delivering an extra layer of digital information through scanning specified images, converting into augmented reality display in the application is adding a new dimension to user experience.

We have been assisting banks in enriching user experience by implementing several use cases such as:

Help their customers locate nearest branch or ATM

View offers and deals as a customer walks into a mall or a retail outlet

Show users recent transactions by just pointing at the user's debit/credit card

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