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Kiosk Banking

Delivering personalized experience in self-service mode Kiosk Banking Solution offers a wide range of innovative mobility services to you to help your customers perform banking services on the go. By serving personalized features such as customer’s preferred language, presenting common customer transactions and offering Omnichannel experience, you can increase customer loyalty, increase foot falls for the self-service channel thereby increasing business reach and revenue. The solution has ready interfaces for leading Core banking solutions to help you with extremely quick go to market.

Leverage our solution to help your customers reduce their wait times while also reduce the burden on your tellers, thus increase customer banking experience.

Key Attributes

Enabling mobility in banking services

Unified platform to serve all customer segments

Enhanced security controls with multi factor authentication

Supports regional and global languages

High scalability to integrate evolving technology


Benefits Businesses

Banking beyong traditional channels, targetting public locations and more.

Advanced Functionalities

Goes beyond account services to include Bill Payments, Express Deposits, Feedback and more.

Value for Customers

Instant service, precision in data delivery, user friendly and easy access.

Value Added Services

Ranging from Card requests, cheque requests, personal info requests and more.

Varied Account Services

Multiple account services raning from Customer Registration to FD/RD requests and more.

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