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Islamic Banking

Sharia-compliant Digital Banking Solution

There are subtle & overt differences in Islamic Banking & Finance practices and regulations globally. Islamic Banking & Finance Solution is based on the principle of risk based returns and is capable of handling innovative and complex financial products that work on profit & loss sharing model. Islamic Banking Solution is aimed at providing quick go-to-market capability for businesses following the Islamic banking model in terms of enabling services through multiple delivery channels and implementing ready to use, yet configurable business processes. The solution can be implemented in a modular mode thereby helping the enterprise to automate critical business units on priority and cover its entire business in a phased manner.

Key Attributes

Enterprise-wide data management and reporting

A range of Forex activities, transactions and remittances

Supports Hijri calendar to adjust number of days

Effective resource management to manage funds and deposits

Customizable & user-friendly front-end

Compliance with the Shariah law, AAOIFI accounting standards, and IAS

Transparency in returns and expenses between investors and financial institution

Value Delivered

Robust Architecture

Enterprise-wide solution built on an n-Tier SOA architecture

Compliance & Principles

Compliance to Shariah law & AAOIFI accounting standards

Single Integration

Fully automated that reduces integration & maintenance issues

Improved Flexibility

Adapt to dynamic business working

Customizable Framework

Provides customised & user-friendly product framework

Lower Cost

Reduce cost of ownership

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