Central Credit Register (CCR) Reporting Solution

Automated Solution that Collates Accurate Information to Create Single Borrower Credit Profile

Kiya.ai’s Central Credit Register (CCR) Reporting Solution assists organisations to support the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) in fulfilling its mission to safeguard stability and protect consumers. The robust solution provides lenders with a more detailed report that gives a complete picture of borrowers creditworthiness. In addition, it delivers transparent credit reports to borrowers on their financial profile and supports the Bank’s research, policy, and supervision activities by providing verified insights into credit patterns and practices.

It allows Financial Institutions to submit month-on-month basis for Installment, Non-Installment and Credit card contracts and any updates to subject data (Individual and entity). Submission data is directly submitted to CBI’s Central Credit Register (CCR) reporting functionality via a secured FTP channel.

Key Attributes

Enables Automated Submissions

Provides Validation and Error Handlings

Covers Restructuring, Collateral, and Sole Trader Scenarios

Supports all Prescribed Loan Formats Supported by CCR

Enables Flexible Reporting Configuration

Offers Rigorous Business Validations

Provides Data Quality Control

Supports with Year-on-Year Analysis Reports

Value Proposition

Assists with Credit Risk Analysis

Automates Data Extractions and Submission to Central Credit Register

Includes Phase 1 and Phase 2 of CCR Reporting Already

Follows LPC and LPS Error Response Processing Sent by Central Credit Register

Covers Restructuring Scenarios

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