Analytics offers actionable intelligence by unifying the views from Open Finance Platform, Digital Core Banking and RegTech solutions (across CBS, Trade Finance, Risk Management, Alternate Digital Channels) in a modern data lake approach powered by BI tools and state-of-the-art ML & AI modules.

Subject-oriented data marts empower the Marketing, Sales, Operations, Credit Risk, Collections, Treasury, and Finance functions of the bank. Banks get empowered to take real-time decisioning using the slice and dice, roll-up and drill-down options round the clock across digital channels and across devices securely. Seamless data discovery gives a competitive advantage to banks to stay ahead of the competition by making intelligent and fact-based decisions.


ML-based Credit Risk decisioning

Loss Forecasting

API-based Early Warning system

Predicting Lifetime Value of Customers

Recommendation Engines

Spend Analytics

Lead Funnel Analysis

Product Mix analysis

Customer Segmentation

Channel Optimisation

Rule-based and Predictive Analytics-based Anti-Fraud System

Real-time Offers Management

Churn Analytics

Social Media Analytics

Cross-sell and Upsell

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