An Agile, Cost-Effective, Cloud-Based Tool to Prevent Risk & Achieve Financial Goals

Due to increased regulatory scrutiny and the ongoing evolution of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations, financial institutions worldwide are constantly confronted with managing policy commitments and budgetary constraints.’s AML model is built to assist financial institutions in meeting increasing AML regulations cost-effectively and efficiently.

The cloud-based solution is intelligently designed to assist small and medium-sized enterprises by monitoring transactions, reporting currency transactions (CTR), establishing customer identification, and managing compliance.

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    Seamless Integration & Deployment

    Improve productivity, save time and start monitoring your financial progress, instantly with easy cloud integration.

    Increased Operational Efficiency

    Improve operational efficiency at the time of onboarding and during the process of CDD or EDD, with automation of compliance processes.


    Accomplish financial goals, prevent money laundering & terrorist financing risks, and get excellent results with minimum expenditure.



    Screening Alerts, Transaction Monitoring Alerts, Customer Due Diligence Alerts, Case Management, Graphs - Screening Alert Ageing, Graphs - Transaction Monitoring Alert Ageing, Graphs - User Wise Pending Case


    SDN Screening Alerts, Manual/ Ad-hoc blacklist search, Multi-name screening, Internal List maintenance, List Maintenance, False Positive Management/White Listing


    Out of the Box scenarios (upto 20)

    Alert and Case Management

    Alert Generation, Case Creation, Case Escalation, Case Reporting

    Regulatory Reports


    MIS Reports

    MIS Reports


    Adverse Media Check


    Scenairo Builder