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Univius Beneficial Ownership Reporting

Automated Compliance Solution for Beneficial Owner and Controller Reporting

With new initiatives being brought up to root out money laundering, regulations on shareholder and beneficiary reporting have seen the light in many countries. It is a mandate for financial organisations to have an in-house reporting system that irons out and automates the reporting process.

Univius Beneficial Ownership Reporting Tool helps organisations to comply with new regulations regarding the true owner and stakeholders in an efficient and automated way. The solution is used to submit information about beneficial ownership and control of entities to central register housed within the Companies Registry of the Jersey Financial Services Commission(JFSC). All mandatory requirements published by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)have been embedded in this tool. It is an end-to-end reporting solution to streamline and automate administrative processes and achieve your reporting requirement.

Key Attributes

Automation of the administrative process

Comprehensive data reporting and bulk upload capability for reporting of data with validations

Built-in review and authorization workflows

Dynamic dashboards providing single view capabilities

Verification of business validations & checkpoints

Multi-tenant/ Multi-entity solution to meet your reporting requirement

Value Delivered

Regulatory Complaint

Compliant with new and ongoing regulations


Ability to review and authorize data


A reliable partner for regulatory processes

User Friendly

Automatic submission of data on a single click


Seamless integration with FRS product suite

Report Analytics

Comprehensive data reporting capability for online & offline analysis

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