Finairo Lending Solution manages entire life cycle of loan management thereby residing at all levels within the organization i.e. from front office to back office operations. Finairo Lending Suite consists of the following solutions:

  • Loan Origination Solution
  • Loan Management Solution
  • Loan Collection Solution

These solutions supports the administration of retail and corporate loans over the complete the lifecycle of the loan contract including disbursement, repayment, interest and arrears processing, rollover and settlement.

The solution provides a modular yet integrated solution based on a service oriented architecture approach to suit the needs of all lending organizations. With the enriched functionalities like remote and offline capabilities as well as open interface ability the the solution can easily cover the needs of the organizations. The solution is enabled with technologies such as AI and RPA and is geared to meet a financing institution's functional requirements from the basic application processing to complex process like credit scoring and handheld devices interface in real-time.


Finairo Lending Management Solution Functional Architecture

Finairo Loan Origination System

Tailored automation of workflow and task allocation activities.

Lead and application with 360-degree view providing details of all the activities

Calendar to track all the scheduled activities for the User

Support different origination channels ,loan products and loan types

System provides upload facility for Balance sheet and Income Statement

Provides different Financial Analysis Tools Projected Financial Statements, Cashflow Analysis, Ratio Analysis

Provide internal credit checking, credit scoring and compliance check

Risk based pricing can be configured based on Rating and Policy Deviations

Multi-lingual and multi-currency

Generate letters and forms automatically

Inbuilt Document Management system

KPI tracking and incentive management

Exhaustive Collateral Management

Real-time application tracking

Facility to send Customized SMS and Email Notifications

Finairo Loan Management System

Captures Comprehensive details of bank’s customer for Individual & Corporate

Facility to link the same customer ID to multiple account

KYC details are captured and verification done using Open APIs

Customer 360 for liability, assets, profile, share capital, turnover

Defining and maintaining various limits and sub-limits for fund based and Non Fund Based products lines such as Overdraft, Short-term loan, Term Loans, Letter of Guarantee, Letter of Credit etc

Maintain Main ledger, Sub-ledger and General Ledger details

Allows defining global Chart of Accounts

Posting of transactions in various ledgers

System provides setting-up of Budget system

Develop base budget, Review, Refine and distribute Budget

Comparison of Budget versus Actual is also available

Solution has Reconciliation module to auto and force reconcile transactions

Remittances using SWIFT interface is available

Solution has inbuilt NPA management for Classification of Loans as Standard, Sub-standard, Watch, Doubtful etc and perform related accounting transactions

Rescheduling and Restructuring facilities available for Single or multiple Accounts, product wise accounts

Finairo Loan Collection System

Bucket Configuration is available to create buckets based on Days Past Due for instalments

User management, hierarchy, user group linking

Defining Rules to bifurcate different customers based on Overdue Amount, No of Instalment Overdue, Outstanding Amount and such other parameters

Facility to create strategy for handling of collection case created based

Workflow management based on No of Instalment overdue and Payment done

Alerts & Notifications are shown on user dashboard for easy access

Auto Allocation of cases based on rules defined

Facility to allocate the case manually by supervisor to the subordinate or to other supervisor

Provision to create template for SMS, Email, Notices to customers & Advices

PTP can be created from various digital channels

Multilingual automated calls and SMS on PTP

Solution provides Litigation module to track the Legal case and related activities

Write off management

Asset Repossession along with Auctioning and charging of applicable fees/charges is available

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