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A People Partnership: A community called ``Infrapreneurs``

InfrasoftTech is a People Partnership Organization that aims at meeting organization’s business goals by matching & fulfilling it’s people aspirations. For people with mettle, sky is the limit at InfrasoftTech.

Long term Infrapreneurs have a share in organizational wealth they have helped (and are helping) to create. InfrasoftTech is an extended family of Infrapreneurs, maintaining a disciplined & result oriented work environment and yet a place happy & happening that most Infrapreneurs love to come back to everyday; celebrating birthdays & festivals together, making an event out of every project success and hosting regular “family included” get togethers. InfrasoftTech is a family for every Infrapreneur, in times of joy and sorrow.

Global HR

Our Global HR Management group primarily manages the value system in the organization, by constantly working towards creating an environment that promotes meritocracy, equality and partnership. The Global HR Management group carries the responsibility of making InfrasoftTech the second home for the best talent in the banking software industry, by delivering an environment of openness, trust and comfort for it’s ever growing team members.

This group helps our people with the opportunity to pursue personal excellence through career opportunities in consulting, development, training, support, marketing and corporate services. Besides constant Knowledge Management, Skills Enhancement and Benchmarking of Compensation plans are other prime responsibilities of this group devoted to Infrapreneurs.

This group regularly brings deserving Infrapreneurs to lime light through awards and other recognition methods.


We constantly work towards creating career plans & special assignments for the Infrapreneurs who demonstrate leadership, commitment, initiative and competence.

We focus on providing internal growth to genuine achievers having skills, initiative and commitment; evaluating aptitude and success stories of each in all performance reviews.

InfrasoftTech provides opportunities to grow within the function, cross-functional and across geographical territories.