Regulatory compliances have given an initial push to open banking adoption in certain parts of the world. However, evolving consumer expectations and fierce competition from innovative Startups are catalysing the demand for open banking in countries without explicit regulations around the technology. By restricting open banking application to mere regulatory compliance, traditional financial service providers risk being reduced to back-office service providers to new-age specialists rolling out innovative, customer-centric solutions.

Open banking offers financial institutions a chance to quickly adapt to the technologically-advancing financial landscape and gain a competitive advantage in the rapidly changing environment. Is creating connected experiences and rolling out innovative products at an accelerated pace on your agenda?

Kiya.ai is a secured open banking platform offering comprehensive tools required for financial institutions to embrace the API economy. The platform integrates with the legacy systems and empowers financial service providers to extend their core banking services to innovative digital players and create connected, intuitive customer experiences at lower costs and higher efficiencies.

Key Capabilities

Robust Developer API Gateway

Extensive API developer gateway fast tracks the development, publication, maintenance, and monitoring of powerful APIs in the most popular developer environments such as Java, Python, and Dot Net

End-to-End API Management

Manage open banking APIs from their development to runtime governance and retirement with full control and visibility of interfaces and catalogue management.

TPP Management

Seamlessly onboard, verify, offboard, manage, and communicate with Account Information Service Providers (AISPS), Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs) and other third-party providers (TPP)

Secured API Sharing

Powered by a variety of authentication and security protocols such as OAuth and OIDC, the open banking platform ensures secured API exposure to internal and external sources

Intelligent Metering for API Monetisation

Boost revenue and bottom-line by monetising APIs using custom-built subscription models based on your business preferences with the intelligent metering system that accurately tracks API calls and usage.

Identity Management

Customise access to information based on user role, authority, and clearances manage access and retain complete control of data and all the APIs

Powerful Analytics

Comprehensive analytics provide real-time insights into API calls, usage, and performance to enable an in-depth understanding of customer expectations, creation of efficient API monetisation strategies, and identification and resolution of bottlenecks in developer support environments

Flexible Deployment

Designed to accommodate deployments in on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments based on business requirements with provisions to accommodate changes in the future

Bring in the Kiya.ai Advantage

Automated Compliance Checks

Compliant with PSD2 and other major open banking regulations, the open banking solution is enforced with automated and in-built compliance and legal checks that enable you to stay ahead of the changing regulations

Accelerate Consumer Acquisition

Rapidly scale your consumer base by offering newer customer experiences, innovative new products, and gaining customers by working with technology partners, non-traditional banks, and other innovation companies

New Revenue Streams

Monetise APIs and aggregated data by offering them as services and generate new revenue streams to boost your profitability

Enhanced Customer Experience

Collaborate with various innovative developers and industry specialists to deliver personalised and connected experiences to meet the evolving consumer expectations

Faster Time to Market

Deploy innovative, next-gen digital solutions cost-effectively and get access to newer customer demographics

Seamless Integration

Kiya.ai’s modular design makes it seamlessly integrable without disrupting other systems or processes

Reduced Costs

Reinforces core banking operations with new-age technologies via APIs to enhance process efficiencies at lower costs

Rapid Innovation and Development

Leverage the powerful sandbox environment to experiment and create groundbreaking solutions to consolidate your position in the ever-evolving financial landscape

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