Leading Public Sector Bank

About Client:

Leading public sector bank were facing a problem. They serve millions of customers on a daily basis, and delivering the best banking experience has become one of the core differentiators for them. Bank faced issues in solving customers’ queries quickly or categorizing the inquiries raised by them. It needs a lot of human interaction at each step which results in less efficiency, intra-channel dependency and high turn-around time

Client Challenges:

Average TAT for a customer query is higher

Classifying inquiries into a lead/complaint/feedback etc. is time-consuming.

High-cost in maintaining customer-service centres

Time-consuming repetitive inquiries

The Solution

The goal was to build a chatbot to help the bank in enhancing their customer experience functions and to increase engagements. The platform was designed to reach customers in real-time, categorize their queries and resolve them.

Our solution automates response for all repetitive queries. Nearly 75% of customer queries were repetitive

Categorized inquiries into leads/complaint/feedback

Automate a voice call to relevant leads and onboard them, send alerts and notifications

Reduce TAT and the need for human intervention

Enabled voiced-based bots to deliver voice-enabled responses

Bots are enabled with multilingual features and support English, Hindi and many regional languages

Omnichannel experience irrespective of the channel i.e. social media, web etc

Key Benefits

Cost optimization

Faster turnaround time

24X7 availability

High conversion and retention rate

User classification and automated calling for notifications/reminders/cross-selling.

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