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Simplifying contactless payments/Enabling high secured contactless payments


InfrasoftTech’s QRys (read as Curious) Payment Solution provides one tap card-less payments for purchases at e-tailing sites or retail outlets to end consumers. The solution does not require sharing of sensitive financial information like bank account, card details, thus empowering customers with the control of payments authorization.

Available on iOS, Android & Windows platforms, QRys makes the payment process faster, convenient and eliminates errors, allowing merchants to seamlessly accept payments from any of the customer’s linked account.


When a customer desires to make a payment, the seller (payee) asks for payment by generating a QR code or by displaying an NFC tag. The tag or the QR code contains pre-fed information like bill number, bill amount, bank details of the seller and other relevant information for the transaction to take place. The customer scans the code or taps the tag using the QRys mobile application previously installed. Once the application reads the information, a secure funds transfer is initiated via Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) for other banks or a simple transfer for payments with the same bank.

QRys ensures consumers can complete payments in seconds, secure in the knowledge that personal data has not been compromised. Merchants too, can save on pay outs made to banks and be assured that data theft cases do not originate from their outlets. The solution ensures high security of data by keeping payment authorization and control in the hands of the consumers. The data is further encrypted using high security standards to make it impossible to reconstruct the QR code externally.

Activation of QRys involves a one-time requirement on the part of the consumer (the payer) to provide bank details and phone number, and then follow the intuitive activation mechanism by filling up security details necessary for authentication. Through QRys, banks can offer its customers various services like Utility Bill Payments, DTH & Mobile Top Ups, Fund transfers from person-to-person (P2P), person-to-account (P2A) and person-to-merchant (P2M).

Since QRys is developed on QRys digital platform – it also comes integration ready with Unified Payment Interface (UPI) published by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

QRys is extremely easy to setup and use.

Install – Download the QRys app from App Store and Install

Register – Register with name, email id and mobile no

Activate – Activate the app by adding IMPS details

InfrasoftTech QRys Payment Solution

QR Code Generator

QR Code Enabled Payments

Create / Share unique QR Code

Push / Pull Transactions

Secure Transactions

Key Features

Interbank Money Transfers

Multiple Channels Payments (QR Code & NFC)

Merchants Registration with Bank

Supported on iOS, Android and Windows

Utility payments

Quicker, Secure, Convenient, Consistent & Richer Consumer Experience

Key Benefits

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Zero details – Zero sensitivity

Complete Payment Control

On Spot Bill Settlement

MPIN (HSM) Protection

Time-stamped QR code

Cardless, Cashless & Fraudless Payments


No POS – No Maintenance Cost

No receipts – No signature hassles

No fraudulent Cards – No Risks

Real time Fund Realization & Reconciliation

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