Tightening regulations around anti-money laundering and the evolving nature of organised financial crime poses a huge threat to the integrity, reputation, and revenue of financial service providers. To shield themselves from these threats, financial firms need to take a proactive approach towards managing anti-money laundering compliances and financial crime surveillance. Univius AML Solution gives financial service providers the ability to stay on top of their regulatory and surveillance needs efficiently and affordably.

Univius Anti-Money Laundering Solution

Univius AML is a robust and secure Regtech solution that enables you to align with the evolving anti-money laundering regulatory landscape and monitor transactions 24×7 for anomalies. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation technologies, the AML solution facilitates compliance management, regulatory reporting, transaction surveillance, and assessment of money-laundering risks.

Product Highlights

Intelligent KYC for Enhanced Customer Due Diligence

AI-powered verification of customer data and documents using sophisticated facial and voice recognition techniques to create a central, 360-degree view of the customer and their relationships

Real-time Transaction Monitoring

Round-the-clock transaction monitoring and analysis using sophisticated AI and ML technologies to accurately identify and flag suspicious financial activities

Automated Identification and Reporting of Suspicious Transactions

Broad-scoped pattern identification engine uses transactional data, non-transactional data, and historical data to monitor current customer transactions for suspicious activity and automatically generates and submits Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) to the concerned regulatory authorities in approved formats

Comprehensive Customer Risk Profiling

Effectively manage risk by quickly and periodically assessing customer data by analysing their social media profiles, mentions in adverse media reports, and comparing their data with global watchlists and sanctions.


Seamless Customer Onboarding

Onboard customers remotely and seamlessly while complying with KYC and CDD regulations

Enhanced Transaction Analysis

Millions of transactions are analysed and visualised using new-age interactive graphics to identify hidden customer relationships including transactions from third parties.

AI-Driven Case Management

Automated case creation and assignment for reporting based on previously profiled transactions

Risk-Based Assessment

Automatic updating of SDN lists from the respective websites for effective risk management and assessment

Ad Hoc Reporting

On-demand reporting for quick assessment and investigation of threats over traditional batch reporting that results in loss of valuable time

Third-Party Transaction Analysis

Analyse millions of transactions simultaneously to track and identify hidden patterns and relationships between multiple accounts

Transaction Visualisation

Transaction visualisation using new-age interactive graphics for better analysis and understanding


Reduce Administrative Workload

Design custom workflows to automate repetitive tasks and reduce the administrative workload on employees

Significantly Lower False Positives

Powered with AI and ML, the Univius AML solution significantly reduces false positive alerts detection to enable financial firms to only dedicate resources to actual money laundering and other criminal activities

Accelerate Money Laundering Detection

24x7 real-time transaction monitoring flags money laundering and suspicious financial activity quickly enabling financial service providers to immediately report and investigate the activity

Future-Proof Compliance

Built-in with automated legal and compliance checks, the AML solution ensures compliance to existing and evolving regulations

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