With each day passing by, the advancements in the IT industry going over the roof and complexities involved in the working of software products. With new breakthroughs making headlines every day, the inherent intricacies of these applications are presenting never seen before challenges to the software testing community. We present to you 5 hottest trends and development in the world of software testing.
1. Python Continue To Be Popular
For the newbies in coding, Python remains to be their first language choice as it is easy to learn, looks like simple English, and is readable. For more manual testers moving to automated software testing and starting to learn the programming language, the use of powerful, easy to learn languages like Python will continue to be in demand.
2. Mobile App Testing In the Mainstream
While the app store approval processes are being more stringent, mobile application testing services will mature in prominence. As a result, releasing them into the market and waiting for customer feedback to fix issues will be time-consuming. Hence, on premise and cloud-based device farms will be required to reduce the infrastructure needed to test these apps.
Recently there has been a lot of investment in on premise and cloud-based devices. And, with the significant entry of Amazon’s AWS Device Farm and Google’s Cloud Test Lab, pricing pressure on other commercial vendors to provide device labs will prevail.
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3. The Role of Open Source Outlives
It started with Apple’s next version of programming language, Swift, followed by Microsoft taking the same path with Net platform. From the testing point of view, open source tools like Selenium and SoapUI will advance in systems. For ultimate long-term success, commercial vendors need to increasingly play and be a part of open source movement. A Higher number of commercial vendors are expected to embrace open source technology.
4. Agile & Continuous Delivery Sustain In Prominence
As delivery cycles progress to get shorter, testing will need to be integrated into the development cycle. Which means that developers will be more involved in testing.
In order to stay upright with this requirement, testing tools need to become more developer-friendly. To make it possible, testing tools will need to enhance their focus on integrations with integrated development environments (IDEs), and other tools that help in continuous delivery.
5. More Conversations on Containers
Microservices, Containers, and Docker got a lot of attention in the recent past, given the scalability and portability benefits associated with containerization.
From an agile testing perspective, Docker will continue to gain a lot of attention, especially when it comes to solving testing challenges which arise from different environment configurations in development, testing and production.
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