Enhance KYC Compliance and Customer Experiences with eCO Digital Onboarding Solution

The onset of the pandemic has led to an accelerated evolution of customer expectations. With customers hailing speed, seamlessness, and digital-first experiences, it has become imperative for financial institutions (FIs) to meet these benchmarks when initiating the first interaction with their customers during their onboarding. Additionally, the laborious manual KYC checks involved in the traditional onboarding process are expensive and becoming increasingly ineffective in the increasingly digital financial landscape.

eCO Digital Onboarding Superior Customer Experiences meet Efficient Risk Management

eCO Digital Onboarding solution provides an integrated approach to enable financial firms to effortlessly onboard and manage customers in a multi-product and multi-jurisdictional environment. The digital onboarding solution automates repetitive tasks and KYC checks to reduce customer onboarding time to mere minutes. Built-in with intelligent Regtech, screening, and compliance check capabilities the solution empowers FIs to adapt to changing local, national, and global regulations. The solutions scalable and flexible technology facilitates omnichannel onboarding to reduce customer abandonment rates, enhance engagement, and deliver superior experiences throughout customer journeys. Amalgamated with visionary technology, eCO digital onboarding solution aids FIs in cutting down on onboarding costs, cross-sell and up-sell products, and improve overall onboarding efficiencies.

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