InfrasoftTech, a leading Fintech digital solutions provider, delivering solutions to Banking and Financial Services firms participated in recently concluded Banking Vietnam 2017 as Conference Sponsor.

Held in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam from 18th to 19th May, The Banking Vietnam 2017 drew 400+ delegates, 70+ Publications, and 80+ Reporters to cover the entire event at a large spectrum.

On 18th May, attendees from various banks, financial institutions and technology providers gathered for a networking Gala Dinner and Icebreaking session.

On the 19th, The Opening Ceremony and Registration commenced, followed by the Conferences, Executive talks, Media Interviews, Presentation sessions and Panel discussion.
Mr. Amit Kothari, Head of Digital Banking Solutions at InfrasoftTech, also had a speaking session on “Disruption through Digital Innovation”. The major focus of the session revolved around how digital solutions and artificial intelligence is changing the way banks customers’ operate in the fast changing technology-driven banking world today, widely known as the ‘Big Shift’. The Big Shift is about Digital Transformation and in turn ‘Empowering and Engaging Customer, while radically improving Operations enabled by Technology’.
Think of how can a Financial Institution begin with Digital Transformation?
1. Enhancing Customer experience through Technology
2. Driving Customer Centricity through Digital Initiatives
3. Moving towards Omni-Channel Banking Solutions
4. Integrating Conversational UI with human touch
5. Integrating channels and upgrading service platforms
6. Reducing complexity and increasing profitability
7. Enhancing contextual business solutions with Artificial Intelligence

Mr. Kothari additionally was honored to be a panelist in the panel discussion session held at the event. Following questions were addressed by him at the panel.
1. What are the distinctive features of digital banking solutions that InfrasoftTech offers to its customers from other rivals in the market?
InfrasoftTech’s Digital Banking Solution are based on the Omni-channel framework and are architecturally future ready to enhance user experience through a number of channels. Our solutions have been deployed at banks with a wide customer spectrum addressing challenges where it has to work in remote geographies with minimal or at times no connectivity at one end.
Our solutions are available with deeply integrated host systems and at the same time are integration ready for host systems from other leading players giving the banks the flexibility to deploy our solution modules as per their requirement – thus helping the bank achieve best of both worlds without a huge blow to their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
2. Fintech plays an important role in accelerating the financial inclusion, from your global experiences, what are the challenges Fintech solution providers are facing in delivering their digital services? Do you have any recommendations to the regulator to improve the Fintech ecosystem in Vietnam?
Regulatory bodies play a crucial role in banking. It is a must for banks to comply with regulatory bodies which in turn leads to slow adoption of new technologies and lack of change. Fintech companies grabbing the opportunity here, assist banks in bringing innovation to the process and act as their technology partners.
If regulatory bodies allow room for banks to experiment, they may go that extra mile to explore solutions which can fuel innovation within the banks. This will speed up the rollout of next-gen solutions and enhance the customer experience by leaps and bounds with a much wider adoption of digital channels.
With the Fintech ecosystem across the globe moving at an advanced pace with faster adoption of technologies, such as blockchain and robotization (with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning) in the developed economies; developing nations must rapidly embrace technological advancement or they may face a downfall. Vietnam’s goal of going cashless by 2020 is attainable by making way for adoption of advanced and state-of-the-art solutions, which is further possible if regulatory bodies, banks, and Fintech come together to contribute towards a unified effort.

InfrasoftTech had one of the major booths in the conference area. Over the course of the event, the booth had over 400+ attendees. The professionals engaged with the InfrasoftTech team at the booth for networking, one-to-one meetings, and exclusive product demos.

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