The Last Of Your Security Concerns Around Payments Can Now Be Put To Rest

When debit and credit cards first emerged as contactless payment methods, consumers and businesses were quick to adopt the trend. The benefits were many, but card theft and security concerns soon emerged, shaking consumer confidence and leading innovators in the field to come up with a possible solution. One such solution is the emergence of a new development in contactless payments from InfrasoftTech called QRys (pronounced ‘curious’), designed to be a completely secure new-age method of receiving and making payments.

If You’re Curious About QRys, Here Are Some Quick Facts:
• QRys facilitates easy and secure payment in seconds using QR codes or NFC tags, that do not require sharing of sensitive bank or card details with merchants
• There is a simple 3-step initiation process of downloading the QRys application, one time secure input of mobile number and bank details, and then easy use online and offline
• It is versatile and can be used to pay or receive money from person-to-person, person-to-account and person-to-merchant

The Big Picture
India is the third largest smartphone market in the world, and with the government pushing for the robust growth of digital infrastructure, India is well on its way to realise the digital dream. Alongside consumer comfort with the ‘connected’ way of life, new age businesses thrive on lean operational structures enabled by the principles of the Internet of Things (IoT). The only real threat to IoT is security. As physical things in our environment get increasingly equipped to receive and send data, managing security issues will be key to productivity.
Enabling secure, contactless payments in the digital environment is QRys, designed to drive intrigue in businesses and consumers alike.

How It Works
Activation of QRys involves a one-time requirement on the part of the consumer (the payer) to feed bank details and phone number, and then follow the intuitive activation mechanism by filling up security details necessary for authentication. Once done, consumers can use the app to make payments by scanning a QR (Quick Response) Code using QRys app on phones with a mobile camera, or via NFC (Near Field Communication) tags. It’s that simple.

What’s In It For Everyone Involved
Convenience: QRys enables one-click mobile transactions seamlessly and across the various touch-points of person-to-person (P2P) payments, online payments and purchases made at offline retail outlets as well.
Security: The system is essentially a ‘push payment’ that unlike the use of traditional debit and credit card payments, does not require sensitive account data of customers to be shared with merchants. Sharing details like account number, contact information and IFSC code with merchants, particularly for small amounts is an unnecessary and avoidable risk. By keeping the control of payment authorisation in the hands of the consumers this solution ensures high security of data. The data is further encrypted using ‘QRypt’ security to make it impossible to reconstruct the QR code externally.
Simplicity: Consumers can complete payments in seconds, secure in the knowledge that personal data has not been compromised. Merchants too, can save on pay outs made to banks and be rest assured that data theft cases do not originate from their outlets.

The Future Of QRys
India is just warming up to the adoption of digital practices and utilities, and the best is almost certainly yet to come. In the foreseeable future QRys will play a much larger role in daily life than just replacing other payment methods. Consider, for instance, the use of the solution in school. The application can be programmed to be used for a certain limit of payments only, or for use at certain outlets only – like school book stores, canteens and uniform shops. This makes it a great product for families to start their children off with. The possibilities are truly limitless.
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Authored by:
Sachin Nerurkar
Head – Payment Solutions & Digital Channels