Unleash the Open Banking Opportunity with Kiya.ai Open Banking Platform

The banking and financial industry has undergone a tremendous evolution in recent times and continues to rapidly transform to accommodate for the changing customer expectations, increasing regulatory pressure, and emerging technologies. These factors have been the primary drivers that have contributed to the emergence and adoption of Open Banking. Initially adopted as a means to meet regulatory compliances, open banking is gradually becoming a core component of the BFSI industry’s digitalisation strategies. The open API ecosystem enables financial institutions to quickly adapt to the technologically advancing financial landscape and gain a competitive advantage in the rapidly shifting environment.

Financial institutions that equate open API ecosystem to mere regulatory compliance are at the risk of being reduced to back-office service providers to new-age specialists rolling out innovative, customer-centric solutions.

Is your financial firm looking to set new benchmarks in customer experiences and rolling out innovative products and services?

Kiya.ai Open Banking Platform Innovate at Pace and Scale

Kiya.ai is a secured open banking platform offering comprehensive features required for financial institutions to embrace the API economy. The platform integrates with legacy systems and empowers financial firms to extend their core banking services to innovative digital players and create connected, intuitive customer experiences at lower costs and higher efficiencies.

Compliant with PSD2 and other major open banking regulations, Kiya.ai enables financial firms to accelerate and scale customer acquisition, generate new revenue streams, deliver superior customer experiences, and create and deploy trailblazing products & services to stay at the helm of the ever-evolving financial landscape.

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