Simplifying Tax Submissions under the Making Tax Digital for VAT Initiative

An HMRC-approved solution designed to make digital VAT submissions quick, easy, and seamless

The UK tax authority, HM Revenues & Customs (HMRC) continues to push for the digitalization of VAT under its Making Tax Digital (MTD) initiative and requires individuals and businesses to adhere to digital record-keeping, filing, and creation of digital links and journeys.

Universal Regtech Solution’s DTAX, an HMRC-approved and MTD-compatible software, provides organizations with an effective solution for the evolving VAT submission needs. The bridging software seamlessly integrates with third-party accounting solutions for data aggregation and enables the submission of VAT records via secured API communication. Built to scale and support the UK government’s vision of digitalizing and modernizing the tax system, the solution’s flexible capabilities meet the accessibility needs of all types and sizes of businesses.

Key Attributes





Data Security

Individual/ Business Use

Intelligent Dashboard

Notifications & Reminders

Components of Client Journey


Agent Flow

Agents can submit VAT return on behalf of the businesses by following simple onboarding and verification process. Here the agent contacts the organisation by sending the HMRC authorised invitation link and the organisation then verifies the agent with a digital handshake to proceed further.

Efficient Bridging Software

Manage UK VAT submissions with Universal RegTech's DTAX's rapid integrations and eliminate dependency on elaborate and time-consuming setups.

Cloud-ready SaaS-based Solution

Leverages the flexibility and robustness of the cloud, powered with iron-clad security protocols.

Multi-tenant Capabilities

A one-stop solution with multi-user access and multi-company submissions with reporting analytics and reminders for upcoming filings.

In-built Reporting Templates

Reporting templates designed in line with digital VAT submission guidelines issued by HMRC to streamline and fast-track VAT submissions.

Intelligent Dashboard

Intelligent dashboard with user-friendly interfaces compatible with web and mobile environment

Seamless Integration

DTAX integrates with multiple accounting software for accurate data aggregation and error-free reporting.

Automated Record Submission

Powered by automation, Univius DTAX simplifies digital VAT submissions and aids organizations in saving significant time, effort, and resources.

API-powered VAT Submissions

Seamlessly integrates with HMRC via APIs to streamline and fast-track VAT submissions to the UK tax authority.

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